Instead of using keyboard buttons or integrated screenshot tools, you’ll only need to follow an easy two-step process. Microsoft is phasing out the use of Snipping Tool and replacing it with the Windows Key + Shift + S shortcut. Hitting those three keys will bring up a simple menu, allowing you to choose between rectangular, freeform, window and full-screen snips. The screenshot will be added to the clipboard and a pop-up will appear, prompting you to save it to your hard drive. One of the easiest ways to save a screenshot taken with the print screen key is to paste it into your photo editing software of choice.

Yet I am happy to stay with Win 10 Pro for the next few years, and whatever version Mint is on . I already use Linux a fair amount, guess I will be using it a lot more. Turns out what I’m probably using is Intel PTT , which is a firmware implementation of TPM that appears as the real thing to the OS.

You should ensure that all installed device drivers are updated and compatible with the present Windows version. They include display driver, network driver, and audio sound driver. Additionally, some users struggle to install these modules since it requires a little more knowledge of node’s installation structure. I believe if it were easier for people to switch between versions, people might take the time to test their code on back and future versions… Even though you can customize VS Code per profile, there are some settings that can only be customized at the application level. For example, all application-scoped settings like update.mode, language pack extensions, settings sync enablement, and Workspace Trust state are customized across all profiles at the application level.

Capture a Screenshot With Snip & Sketch

Just make sure to print the computer name, so you know which computer has what version. You can use the “Invoke-Command” cmdlet to access this version number. One of the easiest options is to use the “Host” command.

  • As usual, the next version of Windows 11 will include an updated version of the Settings app with various new features and improvements.
  • Normally, we’d tell you to click on the Apple menu and choose Restart.
  • If you don’t want it, there’s actually going to be a new Windows 10 update as well, called version 21H2.

You’ll see Shared Directory listed now under the idle virtual machine. Click it to browse for a Mac directory you wish to share with the Windows VM. At this point, you can launch the virtual machine again. Now runs on Apple Silicon, a solution that was not available in March of 2021 when this article was first published.

How to take a screenshot of a part of the screen in Windows 10

Then, when you do finally install Windows 11 in a few week’s or month’s time, things should run much smoother. For a start, you’ll get a much better performing PC, and if you were encountering any issues with Windows 10, a clean install can help fix some of these. Over the years your PC’s hard drive may become filled with unwanted apps and files, so a clean install can get rid of all of that. Many laptop and PC makers have also confirmed that many of their new products will come with Windows 11 preinstalled. This includes Microsoft’s new Surface Pro 8, Surface Go 3 and Surface Laptop Studio devices, which were launched to coincide with Windows 11’s release date. I have been on the Windows 11 Beta releases for over a month and I would like to emphasize some missing UI stuff that bothered me and I provided feedback on.

There are a good number of utilities which are great enough without the product key. They are powerful, reliable and will not harm your machine. Activated Windows 10 will be genuine and whenever there is a new update youll effectively upgrade. Here, well show you how to activate Windows 10 using KMSpico. This is an effective way to activate Windows 10 without necessarily having a product license. Even though some users find using this method to be intimidating we assure you once you grasp all workaround, youll appreciate how clear and simple it is.

Windows 11 review: Is it better than Windows 10?

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