Some point out that the heritage of women proposing their partners started in fifth century Ireland, however in 2016 it is obviously going powerful as almost one in 30 British women in connections are predicted to take-charge and work out the most of your leap 12 months on March 29th.

Per all of our learn, a substantial amount of feminine leap year proposals will occur in 2016, with three per-cent of females that at this time matchmaking or even in a connection declaring they thinking about popping issue their spouse on 29th March – the equivalent of 148,000 females nationwide.

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Varying viewpoints exist how this custom made started, nonetheless a lot of attribute the custom to 5th millennium Ireland, whenever St. Brigid reported to St. Patrick that women needed to wait too-long for men to propose. She advised that women will be able to pop the question also and in trade, St. Patrick proposed that proposals should always be permitted on ‘leap times’.

Despite this, while looking beyond leap time, the number of hitched or engaged women who suggested their partner continues to be relatively reduced, with men using single responsibility for almost three quarters of all of the wedding proposals in general.

However, viewpoints from the matter are gradually changing – more than a third of Brits agree that women have actually just as much correct as men to pop practical question. Surprisingly, more guys than girl agree with this time. Only a few stereotypes happen fully eroded though, as among ladies, nearly a 3rd however believe that it is one’s task to propose.

Although simple fact that some ladies would not start thinking about obtaining down on one knee can also induce negative repercussions as nearly 2.5 million guys believe women put continuously stress on their different halves to recommend. Regardless of this, only 4per cent of women confess to asking or hinting for his or her partner to put issue.

Making use of the pressure involved in proposing to someone, one in five (22per cent) couples decided to do away with the procedure completely, generating a shared decision receive hitched alternatively. A tenth (11per cent) of people additionally believe proposing is an outdated principle – with this particular viewpoint as probably be presented by over-55s since it is more youthful people.


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One out of Thirty Females to Propose on Leap season