Designing to tell stories, Amalia Puga always intends to provoke a certain emotion in the user and create an impact on people’s perception and behavior. Through her work, she enjoys experimenting with materials, combining new and traditional techniques to create sustainable and innovative products.

After receiving the 2020 Gold Adi Medal for her project “Entre redes” Amalia Puga decided to return to her hometown of A Guarda to launch her brand, Proxecto Bolina, which introduces objects and spaces handcrafted locally.

Inspired by traditions and local cultures, she creates projects that implement local collaborative solutions between people, aiming to empower small villages and collectives with an enriching culture and history.


Since 2019, she collaborates with the Redeiras Association of A Guarda (Pontevedra), craftswomen dedicated to the making of fishing nets. Amalia incorporates the redeiras into the design process, allowing them to innovate based on their knowledge. and tools Through this collaboration, they have managed to diversify the craft of net making and showcase the uniqueness of their traditional techniques.